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Legal Betting

Grand Play is 100% safe and legal in South Africa and we are licensed and regulated by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board to lay bets on the web and on mobile devices. Under our license, we can accept and offer bets on all sporting and horse racing events worldwide to customers within the Republic of South Africa. Internet sports and horse racing betting has been legal in South Africa for several years for licensed bookmakers, with a well-established legal and regulated framework that is implemented by the associated provincial and national gambling boards.


The provincial and national gambling boards of South Africa ensure that all customers of licensed bookmakers are protected. Bookmakers cannot wager bets to under age persons, responsible gambling practices are promoted, and gambling taxes are correctly calculated and paid to the governing province by the bookmaker.


All our payment gateways are through local South African providers with multiple levels of security and transaction safety in place. Members of the public who choose to bet with bookmakers, exchanges, or casino’s that are not licensed in South Africa may contravene exchange control regulations and may not have the same level of protection as provided by licensed bookmakers in South Africa.


Please see the official release below from the National Gambling Board that clarifies the legality of online sports and horse racing betting for licensed bookmakers in South Africa.


“Impact on current SA licensed online betting activities: There is a need to clearly articulate whether or not the explicit prohibition of interactive gambling in the Act and the ruling have any effect on current licensed online betting activities. This ruling does not impact on licensed online betting activities regulated in South Africa. South African licensed online betting sites and any other SA bookmaker websites remain legal to operate and do not fall into this category. A clear distinction between interactive gambling and online betting within the context of racing and betting should be drawn. The latter involves the communication of a bet via the internet with the licensed bookmaker/ totalisator operator in South Africa. Betting via the internet is merely a communication medium used between the bookmaker or totalisator operator and the customer. Customers can physically walk into a betting outlet and place their bets or they can communicate their bet via the telephone or internet as long as they have an account. Another distinct difference is that the outcome of events bet on, is decided outside the betting environment.”